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her. barry simms is a lie that central booking and has disturbing details. but -- barry simms is live. >> the charges are murder and assault. according to authorities, a psychiatric assessment was held today for her. the investigation began with a call to 911. >> police responded to a call placed by the suspect indicating she was involved in an assault with her aunt. >> they arrested the 34-year- old simmonds and she is charged with murder and assault. she is accused of beating her and with this the steering wheel club device. >> she was struck repeatedly with the device generally used to secure the steering wheels. >> according to court documents, after dialing 911 at simmons said, "my aunt is lying on the floor dying because i hit her with the club. i heard my antenna i do not know why -- i hurt my aunt and i don't know why." they found her with the blood on her face and clothes. >> homicide detectives responded and interviewed her on the scene. we are fairly confident she is in the the person responsible for the accident. >> at the home where the attack happened, a woman had no com
pointed out. murray did not mention that today. reporting live from downtown baltimore, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the cause of this fire is still under investigation tonight. the fire broke out after 2:30 a.m. on northern parkway. six family members were inside the house at the time. amazingly, all survived. their 57-year-old grandmother is in the hospital. she hurt her leg jumping out of a window. the fire hit two alarms before the crew got it under control. >> all of a sudden, i felt a big bang and i heard screaming from the hallways. i opened my eyes and the doorway was just in flames. >> the fire did leave the family's 6 pence dead. the cause is under investigation. >> two years since maryland opened its first public boarding school for at risk students. it's number one priority is to repair those students for college. tim tooten is live in the newsroom. he has a progress report. >> the students are living on campus in southwest baltimore. you may recall that this is modeled after pie -- a public charter school in washington. it opened with just 80 students from 30 maryland sch
was shot. barry simms is a live at courthouse east with the details. >> monica robinson had to relive a terrifying experience telling the jury about what happened when ken harris was shot and killed. even the woman who was in the till -- in the car with former councilman ken harris cannot identify the man who pulled the trigger. she told them he was wearing a white mask with a red marks. >> the state has over 55 witnesses and even with all of those witnesses, i do not think they can sustain the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the case began with monica foreman robinson. they met about five months before his murder. she describes the dramatic and devastating experience. in the early morning hours of september 20th, 2008, she remained in the car while he went inside the new haven lounge. as he left the building, robertson said she noticed the club owner being walked back in the new haven lounge and harris walking fast. someone with a mascot and a gun was screaming. harris got into the car and was shot as he started the vehicle. robinson said she did not hear gunfire. "i do
of her home. barry simms is live in rosedale with more. >> the former resident says she and her family will never be able to return to their home in rosedale. it is too dangerous. they said back in february they had 5,400 gallons of gasoline under the house. she is worried about children attending this school just a few feet away. blacks now have to worry about what will happen to our house. >> hearing the news read -- caused her to return to her old neighborhood. >> i do not want anything to happen to her, the neighbors, and also what we had to go for. >> reports of gas fumes in the bathroom but to the evacuation and the dismissal of students. the maryland apartment of the environment is investigating. a similar situation forced her and seven members of her family to flee their homes. they have lived in the house located on this avenue. the property is across the street from the school. >> it is a nightmare. one minute i cry in the next minute i cannot. >> the source of the gasoline leak according to inspectors is under the highway. it is right next door to the home. the gas leak was
at the hospital because he doesn't have health insurance. barry simms joins us live in bellaire. >> it is definitely very frustrating. he says he's getting great care at the hospital, but he is ready to go home. a hospital keeps telling him no. >> this is from the aftermath of that surgery. >> israel hoffman is confined to this room. he suffers from chronic disease. >> when i eat certain foods, my body attacks it as if it is a poison. >> doctors cut open his stomach to relieve swelling. he was given medicine and put on a device to help heal the stomach would. he cannot leave the upper chesapeake medical school campus in this death cannot let him. >> if they were to discharge him today, it would put him at greater risk than staying here. >> hoffman was on cobber insurance from the company where he worked, but the company collapsed and the cobra coverage ended days after he became a patient. he applied for coverage under the maryland health insurance plan for state residents who cannot get health insurance. the plans interim director tells us the program received 677 applications
-- are out 8:00 this morning at kings point square in middletown. barry simms has more. >> the police are still here at this shopping center in randallstown. the remains closed while they continue their investigation. police said that one man was shot twice in the chest. the officers involved were not seriously injured. baltimore county detectives continue investigating the police-involved shooting at the kings point square shopping center. police tell 11 news that officers responded to a call about 7:45 this morning about a suspicious man. that is the suv demand was driving. as the officer arrived, the man began attacking. >> there eventually was a struggle over the officer's weapon. a second officer pulled to the scene and observed what was going on and shot the suspect in the chest. >> he was shot, because in this area, there is not a lot of time, and i've been on it is up to 11 years and we've not -- and i've been here 11 years and we've not had anything like this. >> the man is in stable but critical condition at shock trauma. the officers involved have been placed on administrat
simms is live with an update. barry? >> keat said he was terrified when ken harris was killed. they are on trial for the murder of ken harris. here or what may have been his last words. fearing for his own life and where when happened to his friends, he told the jurors he followed with the brokers said. he testified that in the early morning hours of the no. 28, 2008, former city councilman ken harris came in saying he needed to use the restroom. he went to introduce covington to a woman he had in the car. and man pointed a gun directly at his head and began making demands saying, "you know what this is. get the expletive back in the building before i bow your expletive head off." according to prosecutors, he was followed and shot as he tried to drive away. as he was being forced into the bar with a gun at the back of his head, he heard a shot and hoped that they messed. covington replied that he saw the gun. >> it was an emotional testimony. no one can imagine what they went through. this is a terrible situation. >> when you see them come in the bar, he is walking in there is
? they hope to get the answers to that on monday. reporting live, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still to come at 6:00 -- it is one of the biggest weekends in baltimore. our officials getting ready for the annual baltimore book festival. >> serious ravens' news is on the way. a series approach to entertain at an nba game. that story is coming up later. >> crazy weather. we have a front on the move. i will let jan know if that will make you want to dance or not. >> city police will have a second set of eyes as resident -- as residents have the chance to ride along with the cops. no. 5 under people are participating in the event, happening right now at the police academy. tonight, every police are patrolling the city will have a member of the community with them. >> if your into remote-control planes, make your way to the southwest park,. they had practice flights. the event will happen saturday and sunday. it is free. the baltimore book festival is bringing several celebrities to town this weekend, including one former wrestler and former governor and nigel barker from "antm." it runs a
for their own lives. barry simms is following the trial and joins us live from courthouse east. >> the former employee of the new haven lounge concluded her testimony today, telling the jury the impact the robbery and murder of former city councilman ken harris has had on her. elizabeth not only had to talk about how frightened she was when three men robbed the jazz club in september 2008. she had to explain differences in her testimony friday and past statements she made to police. the three men are charged with robbery and murder of kenneth harris, who was shot when he tried to flee. a identifying suspects has been problematic. prosecutors are relying on dna evidence and believe the robbers wore gloves to hide their fingerprints. police want to know why showers did not mention anything about the suspects having gloves on their hands. >> if we found love in your purse, would that be yours, and she said no. she never said the perpetrators had gloves, never brought that up until almost a year later. they specifically asked, and she never said anything about it. >> prosecutors believe a securit
of killing former councilman ken harris. barry simms is live outside the courthouse east with more on today's testimony. >> surveillance video once again took center stage. a special security officer told jurors he could identify the defendant in this case. within one month after the september 2008 murder of former councilman ken harris and the robbery of the new haven lounge, they got a tip about a possible suspect. tuesday, the man -- the man who called in the tip testified. he is an officer who worked for the shopping center who identified the three men on trial saying he frequently dealt with them because of loitering at the shopping center. prosecutors showed a video from a grocery store bank of the three men walking past security cameras. he saw the camera -- said the video online and pointed to the metal in the the middle with a "funny what" saying his legs tend to bend and go. he had seen him walk a lot. he identified charles mcganey from a side view. they were shown still photographs taken run the surveillance video. the german was off more than 30 minutes. >> you can change the ti
for the murder of former city councilman ken harris. they dropped one of the murder charges. barry simms is live outside court sided with the courthouse east with the details. >> prosecutors are still trying to get second-degree murder. the charges will be shown to the jury. they have rested their case after dna testimony. the defense continues trying to cast doubt on the validity of a forensic testing. crime lab analyst testified that a jacket and this masked contained the dna of jerome williams. the thing williams is the person who fired the fatal shots that killed kenneth harris in september 2008. the three men robbed the new haven want -- lounge. they do name from the three defendants on bandannas and gloves located during the investigation. when asked about the approach to crime lab took, they told jurors it was an unbiased scientific analysis saying, "you cannot take these results." mcganey's attorney does not think this is consistent with video shown the jury. >> the bandanna, the masked, i have video proof he was not wearing any of this stuff. how is this relevant evidence? >> the jurors
telling harris' life is her story. barry simms has details. >> the first witness described a devastating experience. monica foreman robinson was in the car with ken harris when he was shot and killed. she could not identify the suitor, saying he was wearing a white halloween mask. >> no one can identify these three individuals. this is a high-profile case. my suspicion is the police department had to make a quick arrest to calm the fears of the community. >> charles mcganey, garry collins, and jerome williams are charged with harris' murder. prosecutors told the jury new witness was going to say i saw who did the shooting. they are relying on dna evidence. they believe williams shot harris. robinson said she met harris five months before the shooting and that they were good friends. she remained in the car while harris went into the lounge. she could see motion inside the door and she saw harris walking fast towards the car. she said someone with a mask on and a gun was screaming at harris. she did not hear a shot. "i do not remember hearing a sound. i was terrified. i was screaming and
are eager for the trial to start. >> barry simms, wbal tv. >> said the police say two troops had -- troopers had no water balloons from at them by that teenage star. >> we have obtained video. >> according to police, the video is of the team since sensation before his state fair performance. he ran up to a maryland state trooper and threw a water balloon. in all, two troopers were hit by balloons. in the video, you can hear someone in the background say all call you are going to get locked up caracol -- "you are going to get locked up." second-degree assault charges are likely -- are possible, but not likely. >> my experience tells me that anybody, a celebrity or otherwise, through a water balloon and hit a police officer, there are probably in for a talking to, and some yelling at, but i would be surprised if they are actually prosecuted. >> he performed before a sold- out crowd the night the video was shot. the story has been reported on the entertainment sites since wbal first covered the story yesterday. representatives for the singer made no comment. >> my guess is they will not prosecu
of three men accused in the murder of former councilman ken harris. barry simms has been following the trial. he has the latest from the courthouse. >> an employe testified she worked at the new haven -- to pay college tuition. she thought she was going to die. she described the terror she felt when armed robbers came into the club, demanded money from the owner, and stole her purse. in court, she responded that is my weed. the defense home gym and differences between her testimony and recorded statements. >> and one of the statements she says that mr. harris called the bar before he came, and mr. covington compel testimony is that he did not call the bar. also, there was a discrepancy. >> covington said as he and harris walked out of the bar, the suspects approached. darrell -- gary collins, charles mcganey, and jerome williams are accused of robbing the club. >> i have just been robbed, i was very upset. when asked why she did not officially, police, she said she stay covered their hand -- their heads with gloves. >> she never mentioned the gloves, even though she could have ment
resumes tomorrow. reporting live from downtown baltimore, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight, the search continues for a man who hit and killed a man. a motorcycle and a car traveling around 7:00 p.m. saturday night when a car hit the motorcyclist and fled the scene. 25-year-old gerard grant was thrown from his bike and died. they're looking for a new model black mercedes missing the driver side mirror. any information on this case, you are ask 4 call10-396-2609. >> the manhunt continues for aid inmate who escaped. they're looking for paul palmer's pregnant girlfriend, distefano. they may be in a silver kia spectra. homer was being held on attempted murder charge. distefano was wanted for harboring him as well as other charges. if you know their whereabouts, you are asked to call 911. >> the sheriff's deputies said the intruders pull the air conditioning unit from a window to get inside the curb ridge associates reformed presbyterian church in manchester. the projector and speakers were stolen. any information on who may have stolen the equipment, you are asked to call the ca
was given a psychiatric assessment today and a bail hearing is set for tomorrow. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a verdict tonight in the first of several trials. he is one of six suspects charged with planning and carrying out the death of william reporter. we are live in robinson with the latest tonight. lee said? >> the jury took less than two hours to convict the guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. >> no one thought she was really going to do it. >> he is charged with first- degree murder of ray porter her own this gas station. they say he conspired with the victim's wife to have him killed. in closing arguments today, the state told the jury that he facilitated two meetings between bishops and porter and he was a go-between. a series of call in the days leading up to his murder help prove he aided and abetted the two in killing him. >> he never denied that walter bishop and carlos bove to reach other. he said one of them would want to reach the other on occasion. he denied he was doing that with some knowledge that they would actually killed reporter. >> they will file a motion
. barry simms is live outside the courthouse. >> we learned a lot more about which pieces of evidence were checked for fingerprints and were submitted for dna analysis. prosecutors are trying to show the connection, attending to get the jury to see why they think evidence collected in the investigation of the murder of the former baltimore city councilman in the robbery of the new haven lounge is tied to the defendants. he testified that he brought in a number of items and submitted pieces of evidence for dna analysis. he examined a halloween mask for the two crimes. it was found near an hourly not far from the -- near an alley not far from the shopping center. testing revealed they were not blood spots. he tested for skin cells to analyze. prosecutors believe that dna from williams was found on the mask. >> a technician cannot tell the jury where the mask came from, and under what circumstances it came into the possession of the police department. >> the code and -- coat was found in the trash can behind his home. >> the police department is running around, pulling stuff out of garbage ca
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